How to get sponsors

Posted by Jonathan S on Aug 8th 2018

Every day I receive at least one message on Instagram from someone asking for a pro-staff spot, or asking if I can give them something for free. Every single one of these messages are ignored. Why is … read more

Flipping and Pitching for beginners

Posted by Sam M on Jul 6th 2018

Flipping and pitching have become interchangeable words in the fishing community but they are two separate techniques. The one hand on the bait, one hand on the rod making an underhand cast that we se … read more

Punching 101

Posted by Jonathan S. on Jun 13th 2018

Welcome to the new Dragon Custom Tackle!I've been working very hard to get this new site up, with updated images, and products. More items are in the works, and they will be added soon. With the new w … read more