Meet the Crew

A Glimpse into passion


Why Dragon?


I grew up fishing Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. Between myself, my dad, my uncle, and my grandfather, there is a collective 135+ years of experience on the lake. I know that body of water like the back of my hand. It has the nickname "The Reluctant Dragon" due to it's serpent-like shape, and how fickle the lake is. It can be an extremely difficult lake to fish. But if you put in the time, the Dragon can be very rewarding. I have studied the lake endlessly, through trial and error with colors, and spending over 180 days a year on the lake fishing. I have custom built these jigs, and hard baits to dominate the waters of The Reluctant Dragon. 

What makes my jigs unique?


  • ​Each jig comes from high quality soft lead. This allows for complete pours, that turn out perfect each time. 

  • After the jigs are poured, they are heated to around 300 degrees, then painted with a powder paint coat. 

  • Once the powder paint dries, the jigs are baked in an oven for 45 minutes. This curing process allows for an extremely durable finish. You can fish a cured football jig over rocks, and you will merely scuff the jig, or dent the lead itself. You will likely lose the jig before the paint ever chips. 

About the product

All of my products come from high quality materials. I agonize over every bait I produce. If it is not perfect, I will not send it out to the customer. My quality control is very strict, and I will not allow a bait that has any faults to be delivered to a customer. 

My hard baits are airbrushed with top quality paints, and sealed with KBS Diamond Clear. This results in eye popping colors when submerged in water, and a near indestructible finish. 




The Pro Staff


Dragon Custom Tackle would not be possible without the dedicated staff. These are the ones who have been long term supporters of this business, and make me want to craft the best bass tackle available. These guys are hand picked by me, there is no promotional anything involved. Unlike some companies, I do not offer a spot on my staff to those who purchase baits. I am very proud to have these fellows carry the Dragon Custom Tackle name everywhere they go. With that said, here's the DCT Prostaff!







Jason L.


Jason is from Southern California and an avid freshwater bass fisherman that started fishing saltwater as a child with his father.  His passion for fishing was cultivated by his father at a young age by taking him to most of the local lakes in Southern California, local beaches and docks, and eventually on the local sport fishing boats.  However, one summer vacation in Arizona, Jason's cousin introduced him to bass fishing with artificial lures and baits and was forever hooked.  This led to an bass fishing addiction that spanned for many years until he went to college and took a break for many years.  Jason just reignited his passion for bass fishing in 2017 and recently caught his personal best largemouth bass of 12.2lbs and joined the double digit club. Jason's favorite ways to catch bass is to throw Dragon Custom Tackle Jigs, hollow body frogs and big swimbaits/glide baits.  







Sam M.


Sam is from North Carolina and started fishing at a young age at a family farm pond with his mother and father. He outgrew bobber fishing at an early age and began fishing any local body of water he could while chasing largemouth. Once he went to college he found himself right at home on a fishing team with a winning pedigree and was able to learn everything he could while traveling around the east coast fishing college tournaments. He is fortunate enough to live in an area with world class lakes allowing for unique fishing styles on each body of water such as deep cranking, flipping, punching and large swim baits. Sam’s favorite techniques for largemouth include flipping heavy cover with a dragon custom tackle punch skirt as well as medium depth cranking with custom painted little johns.



Sean S.
Sean is from New Hampshire and started bass fishing before he could walk. His father was as addicted to fishing as he is, and had him out in the old family jon boat before he could walk and talk. Nearly every weekend of his entire life has been spent out on the water fishing when it’s possible. However, until he was 20 years old, he only ever fished t-rigged worms and lizards. After a particularly difficult year, he really wanted to learn another technique to help out in the cold water months, and that was the beginning of the end of his savings. Ever hungry to learn new things, and always striving to perfect the techniques he already knows, Sean is on a never ending mission to learn at every given opportunity. And when he’s not learning, he’s more than happy to help others learn more about fishing as well. Sean’s favorite way to catch bass are with jigs, jigs, and jigs. He was also one of the first to field test the Dragon Custom Tackle Jigs. Sean also has his own YouTube channel, that is a mix of educational and entertaining content. You can check it out here: 
Also check out his interview with DockTalk! 
Mike K.
Mike is from Ontario, Canada and started fishing when his grandfather would take him down to the river to catch panfish, as he grew up he was eventually introduced to bass fishing by his Uncle and the father of one of his childhood friends. He lives in his hometown, which is situated on the world class smallmouth waters of Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence River, so needless to say he has a bit of an affinity for the brown fish. When he’s not chasing smallmouth he can be found in the back lakes of South Eastern Ontario, working to improve on his favorite largemouth techniques, flipping milfoil with a DCT flippin’ jig, throwing a DCT Aggressor 2.5 around docks and laydowns, or throwing a frog into matted vegetation.
image-41a-.jpgBryson U.
Bryson grew up fishing northern Ontario back lakes for walleye and bass. He has Fished ever since he was a young kid. Then his uncle got him into Erie smallmouth fishing and the tournament scene when he was 15 or 16. His father is a salmon guy trolling Lake Ontario but he fell in love with bass fishing. His home lake is Lake Erie, where he primarily fishes with his uncle. His strengths are throwing tubes, dropshot, and jerkbaits. Though he really loves shallow largemouth more than anything. Flipping, jig fishing, topwaters. Heavy line, shallow water, and Hackney hooksets are things he lives for. Just a good ol Canadian boy playing hockey and fishing living the dream at 19, even working as a guide in northern Ontario in the summers